Test Track Refurbishment Shows Progress As Disney Announces December 6 Reopening Date

Things have been a little too quiet lately in Future World at Epcot without the Test Track ride vehicles zooming past on their final speed run on the exterior of the ride’s show building.  But we’ve learned today that those all-too-quiet days are numbered.   Test Track will officially reopen to the public on December 6 (alongside New Fantasyland’s official opening date at the Magic Kingdom) and usher in a new design-centric auto experience at Epcot.  Guests will be able to create their own Sim Car, put it to the test and interact with it in the post show area as well.  But before we get to see what is going on inside Test Track, we have yet another look at what is going on outside its walls.

Our latest look at the construction shows the creation of new aesthetic overlays that will change the look of the existing Test Track main entrance.  This coupled with the new signage that we’ve previewed before and other details including new pavement and new attraction banners for the outdoor scaffolding and the attraction should feel a bit different come December.  We’ll also take you over to the Epcot Cool Wash Station and give you a few nice looks at the updated model vehicle in use there.  Test Track is a very popular attraction and it won’t be long now before we are racing down its tracks once more.


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