Incredible Experience Soft Opens at the Magic Kingdom as New Fantasyland Debuts – Part 2

New Fantasyland isn’t the spectacle of Cars Land but what it is, is astoundingly beautiful, enchanting, romantic and an area that belongs at the Magic Kingdom and you can’t help but feel it was always there in our Disney dreams.  New Fantasyland is the daydream we carried with us to the Magic Kingdom from all the fantastic Disney lore we grow up with only now it is here, it is real and yet it still feels as unbelievable and  imaginative as our daydream.  It captures the spirit and nature of the movies we adore from Beauty & the Beast to the Little Mermaid and soon Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs but it does so much more than that.  Because for the first time we truly can feel that we are living inside those worlds, we too can be heroes, Prince or Princess, or just a simple commoner amongst the pristine French countryside village where Belle resides.

There aren’t enough words to describe the emotion you will feel when you first step into New Fantasyland.  You will feel like a kid anew, not because this is Disney but because this is some of the best of Disney.  The attention to minute detail, turns fantastic ideas into incredible perspectives that wow you on your first visit and undoubtedly will continue to forever.  The sounds of the Enchanted Forest, from birds chirping, to the river stream gushing over rocks, give the land incredible presence and take you for a storied journey you thought until now, couldn’t be possible outside of a book or movie.  New Fantasyland is by no means perfect, it is just that so many individual things in it are.  It is truly special and we are joyous to be able to bring you another set of wonderful photos of this incredible place we now can share in at the Magic Kingdom.

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