Incredible Experience Soft Opens at the Magic Kingdom as New Fantasyland Debuts

After years of anticipation, with a colossal myriad of construction updates, hype from the Walt Disney Company and Disney fans alike, New Fantasyland has moved from being just a figment in our thoughts and into the realm that we call the Magic Kingdom.  So is it everything we hoped for, could it possibly match up with our best dreams of what could be?  Could Walt Disney Imagineering succeed in what is undoubtedly one of the most important construction projects at the Magic Kingdom in its history.  It is precisely these questions that we have set out to answer in the coming days as we take you into New Fantasyland like never before after a special “Dress Rehearsal” unveiling of the new land of enchantment.

Without question, Fantasyland is the heart and soul of the Magic Kingdom and yet for so long, Fantasyland had been lacking the polish, and Disney detail we have come to know as Disney magic that is found in the other lands at the park.  In a way, it had been coasting on the nostalgia of the past and the memories of our childhoods but it certainly wasn’t blazing any new territory or showing off the best of what the Walt Disney Company can produce.  That is what will be the lasting achievement of this new land.  It is forward looking, while providing some of the richest character and theming detail you will find in the Magic Kingdom that truly honors the best ideals and traditions of Disney.  There is so much to say but this story just like New Fantasyland’s is just beginning.  So join us in an enchanting new adventure that quite possibly might be everything you’ve been waiting for.

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