Incredible Experience Soft Opens at the Magic Kingdom as New Fantasyland Debuts – Part 3

From morning to sunset, the French countryside village where Belle’s life changes from a common provincial life, to the one she only believed existed in a book, can now be found at the Magic Kingdom.  Behind the deep forest of New Fantasyland off in the distance of Beast’s castle lies a town bustling with movement, energy and smiling people.  For they too can feel the importance of this day where Disney’s most magical tales are being unveiled right before our very eyes.  And even though Bonjour! Village Gifts is but a gift shop, the only one in New Fantasyland, the decor of the quaint French building with its wood and brick exterior and arched doorways and windows tells of the fantastic story that is Belle’s most memorable bookstore.

Inside and out, it is the Disney detail flourishes that turn this building into a quaint structure that serves its purpose in the land but also continues to surround guests in the immersive experience that is New Fantasyland.  But why just tell you, when we can show it to you?  So off to the New Fantasyland shopping experience and a special teaser at the end of this post showing the adventures still yet to come.


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