Incredible Experience Soft Opens at the Magic Kingdom as New Fantasyland Debuts – Part 4

Sebastian always did try to tell Ariel about how special life is underneath the ocean but New Fantasyland didn’t quite exist back then.  While it is difficult to think he’d ever leave the playful ocean world for the rigors of human life, after seeing what Disney Imagineers have created just off the rocky coves where the tide pulls in at night, he surely would at least have to think twice.  You see, Prince Eric’s castle and the surrounding environment inspired by Disney’s Little Mermaid have been recreated in ways that are both true to form and even better than our own memories of the movie.  Sometimes a fantasy world is better when you can touch it, experience it and truly live it.

For fans of Disney and guests of the Disneyland Resort, it is easy to see Under the Sea ~ Journey of the Little Mermaid, as a copy of the attraction that first debuted at Disney’s California Adventure.  Of course that would both be correct and also completely miss the importance of this new attraction in New Fantasyland.  For several reasons Disney Imagineers were afforded the ability to extend the story out from the attraction they had previously built and now created a seaside world for the attraction to sit within.  This is one of the most beautiful environments you will ever encounter in a theme park and it almost becomes difficult to call it a queue when you almost don’t want it to end.  But before we go inside and explore it together, this update focuses on just how beautiful it is at the macro level.  And trust us, you will want to see more!


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