Incredible Experience Soft Opens at the Magic Kingdom as New Fantasyland Debuts – Part 5

Every town has a gathering place, whether it be a coffee shop, a park or even your local tavern.  But in New Fantasyland the talk isn’t of politics, or the daily news or much of anything of enlightenment.  Rather everyone is talking about the incredible male specimen that makes olympic feats look like child’s play, whose bravado makes the women of the town swoon and who everyone looks up to, well except for Belle of course.  We are talking about none other than the great Gaston!

But every man needs his castle and Gaston’s Tavern is that place.  On the outside it is as welcoming as any local pub but on the inside the smell of pork shank and the scuff marks on the walls tell a different, more brutish story.  Luckily, that is just how we like it.  So before long we have joined the throngs of other townsfolk in the celebration of a character so large it is difficult to contain in just one building of New Fantasyland.  Indeed it is a sight to behold and you can do just that below.


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