Incredible Experience Soft Opens at the Magic Kingdom as New Fantasyland Debuts – Part 8

The sun setting on the first New Fantasyland day, was picturesque and it encapsulated the marvelous beauty that we had experienced throughout the day in a just a few winding moments.  As the sun peered through the Enchanted Forest of New Fantasyland and through the chimney stacks of Maurice’s cottage, we couldn’t help but reflect on the incredible day that was and the even more special future that lies ahead for this part of the Magic Kingdom.  Not only does it breathe new life in the heart and soul of the Magic Kingdom, Fantasyland but it also will be the beginning of new dreams, hopes, ideas and memories for generations to come.  Perhaps though the most important thought to cross our mind was, “thank you.”  For after years of watching this space go from concept to reality, that was all that was seemingly left to do.  To thank those who put together such a fantastic place so that we could all feel the happiness, the joy that we all desire for and now get to share in a truly unique way at the Magic Kingdom.

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