New Fantasyland A Mysterious Wonder at Night

As sunlight falls beyond the reaches of New Fantasyland, the lights of mysterious wonder and enchantment begin to bring new life to a world fantastic by its very name, incredible by its construction and wondrous by its imaginative nature.  Every inch of Walt Disney World at that moment begins to see the new soul that nights bring to the famous Disney Parks but on this first New Fantasyland night, a new environment is born through light and on display for everyone’s hearts and minds to race.  For the sight of barely lit gargoyles and kingly statued lions pronouncing a foreboding entrance to a castle whose stories are just beginning to be told, is enough to leave one breathless.  But of course that isn’t all.  There is much to see even in the darkness of night and we welcome you to the beginning of this tale known as New Fantasyland at night.

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Stay Tuned For More New Fantasyland at Night!