New Fantasyland A Mysterious Wonder at Night – Part 2

As light finds its resting place as day turns into night, New Fantasyland is aglow with new twists on already enchanting stories.  For Disney Imagineers see darkness not as a scary proposition but rather an opportunity to tell yet another angle in their charming stories.  So as we walk under lanterns hanging off the edge of a piece of a spoked wheel, we know we are near Maurice’s cottage.  When we walk under the lit windows of Prince Eric’s Castle that itself is illuminated in blue as if the moonlight was reflecting off the ocean and onto its walls, we wonder what important royal matters are being attended to beyond the window panes.  As we dive deeper and deeper into the New Fantasyland night, the stories seem to be more focused and yet all the larger in a conundrum we are all too happy to share in as the stars above pierce the darkness and lead us on through adventure.

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Stay Tuned For More New Fantasyland at Night!

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