This gives a good sense of what the overlay will look like. Looks to be an effect borrowed from Radiator Springs Racers at DCA. - © Walt Disney Company

Test Track Concept Art Released, Aims To Inspire With Design Centered Theme

With Test Track about to zoom back into the Epcot fray (officially on December 6th), Disney has released concept art that shows off most of the newly re-imagined attraction.  In the renderings we find the expected “Tron” like overlay of the existing attraction and incredible attention paid to modernizing both the queue and the post show.  The new queue features modern flowing lines and curves that provide a clean backdrop for the visually creative designs and vehicles that are present throughout the winding queue.  The post show also shows off new interactive games and of course the newly revamped Chevy vehicle showroom.  There is certainly a lot to look at in this latest concept art release and it will no doubt whet the appetite for those longing to board their 65 mph capable vehicle once more.

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Source:  GM

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