Lunch At Be Our Guest Restaurant Takes Theme Park Dining To Princely Status – Part 2

We enter the foreboding castle after crossing its gargoyle-guarded bridge but not before we stare into the eyes of a stone creature with the body of a lion and the horns of a ram, whose smirk both reassures us and dares us to join the festivities inside.  Be Our Guest restaurant is at the Magic Kingdom but once you step inside the Beast’s castle there is little to remind you about the outside world.  We peek inside for a quick look at the ballroom we hope to dance by soon as we are funneled into a hallway surrounded by suits of armor and just when we thought things couldn’t feel more enchanted we hear something!

Making our way through Beast’s castle you’d think we’d be prepared for a bit of magic to appear but just as we make our way into the hallway with the suits of armor, we realize they aren’t just innocent bystanders in this lunch action.  They are awakened from their slumber by the smells from the kitchen of french cheese and bread and soon they have started a fleeting bit of playful commotion amongst themselves and we can’t help but listen curiously to their antics.  Sure we were waiting our turn to place our food order but who could think about that with all this magic around them.

But if you are like me and counting down the seconds to your next delicious meal then you will love the encased books displaying the menu on large lcd pages.  If this all sounds familiar and yet all-new, we know and Be Our Guest is only just getting started and well Da Mouse is just beginning to tell you all about it.  So join us now in part 2 of our series for a royal good time.

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