Lunch At Be Our Guest Restaurant Takes Theme Park Dining To Princely Status

It is no secret that Dining at the Magic Kingdom is anything but a luxe affair.  As Disney fans, we tend to make by on what is sub-par lunch offerings at the most visited theme park in the world.  Sure it has been slowly improving in certain ways throughout the years with many more healthy alternatives and other menu options being added but the lunch menu and the dining locations at the Magic Kingdom as a whole can be described as stale.  So to say that there is a lot riding on the new Be Our Guest restaurant would be an understatement.  

The challenge to create a new experience that raises the bar upon the latter standards might seem easy at first glance but Magic Kingdom has to face several unique problems when building any lunch offering.  Whether it be the incredible throughput of guests who will make their way through the Magic Kingdom’s dining halls or the sheer amount of food and beverages required to feed them all, it is a gargantuan task to prepare and operate any lunch offering at the park day after day.

So how does Be Our Guest fare?  Can it provide an upscaled lunch menu while still delivering value?  Will the decor and ambiance make you remember the meal for more than just the food?  It is precisely these questions and more that we have set out to answer in our multi-part series that takes you right into the heart of the all new Be Our Guest restaurant.

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