Final Test Track Construction Update As Cast Members Enjoy First Spin – Part 2

Disney has generally been down playing the Test Track refurbishment but a lot is certainly riding on the success of it.  And if the glowing Cast Member reviews are any indication and the refurbishment is quite good then Walt Disney World and General Motors may indeed have a winner on their hands.  Though we can’t wait to get inside and see the attraction for ourselves what we were able to see on the attraction’s exterior is quite nice.  Though we’d prefer for the large canopy to have met its extinction, the lighting it supplies the area below is quite nice and the new sleek blue “Double-T” logo scrim is interesting for what it is.  The new Test Track entrance marquees and ride signage are very appealing and striking at night.  Overall the area has been enhanced but the real evolution is certainly inside.  Still we’ve got some amazing photos that should hold ya over till then!

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