Final Test Track Construction Update As Cast Members Enjoy First Spin

With Test Track set to soft open any day now we thought we’d take a final pre-opening tour as Cast Members continue to take the ride for a spin and have largely positive things to say about the revamp.  Gone are the yellow and black hazard testing stripes and the cool new blue that has replaced it is sleek, striking and complements the modern grays of the existing building and the new materials used in the queue and elsewhere.  The new Test Track marquee is stunning, especially at night when the show lights above glisten upon it and create a striking presence for Test Track in the nearby pathways.  Even the trash cans are beautiful and they pay homage to an EPCOT of yesteryear.  There is a ton to see and of course we’ve got stunning photographs to share with you.  So tune up your design mind with us in this two-part series of Test Track pre-opening euphoria.

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