New Fantasyland Construction Continues at Seven Dwarfs Mine Train – Part 2

The progress on the Seven Dwarfs Mine Coaster project at first glance may seem like it is moving at a snail pace but there is actually a ton of work being done.  In Part 1 of this update you may have noticed that the access road to the construction site is now able to be walled off in order to allow for guests to flow in and out of New Fantasyland to Storybook Circus.  That path will still close periodically when it is necessary to move heavy construction equipment and materials to and from the site during park hours, though we expect it to be open during New Fantasyland’s opening week.  The interiors of the buildings have received tons of work, much of it out of our line of sight.  You will also notice that the top of the tallest concrete structure is ready to receive the metal wire framing that will be used in forming the hilltops for the attraction.  So click on through to our latest set of photos in this series and let us know what you think about this enormous construction site.

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