Test Track Soft Opens With New Automotive Design Theming – Part 2

It doesn’t take very long to notice this is a new Test Track experience and that is even true in the exterior of the attraction that along with the gift shop are probably the two areas that stand out as having received a simple thematic overlay.  Once you have made your way past the new entrance marquee and proceed to enter the building you immediately remember the past where the entrance looked like nothing more than a warehouse door and the inside of the building lived up to that idea as well.  Now you enter into the first queue room of the Chevrolet Design Center at EPCOT (as an homage to the past) and are greeted with what looks like an ultra-modern car-show floor space with some extra details you could only find at Walt Disney World.  In fact you will be hard pressed to understand how this is even the same space used for the previous queue.

One of the great things about the new Test Track is the first impression it gives guests is absolutely wonderful.  It provides an introduction that paces itself perfectly in the first moments and brings guests into the automotive design world in a way that most everyone can appreciate.  Whether it be the futuristic vehicle on display at the very first steps after you enter the building or the suspended breakaway of the concept EN-V you are hopeless to feel inspired and that is exactly the essence of what an Epcot attraction must bring to the table.


Stay Tuned For More In Part 3 of this Series!