Test Track Soft Opens With New Automotive Design Theming

I still remember the first time I rode the original Test Track as if it were just a second ago (for anyone who knows how bad my memory is, you’d know the gargantuan feat that is).  It was just an ordinary night that was quickly about to become unforgettable.  I was on a school field trip and though I didn’t have a website to share my passion for the Walt Disney company, there were few who followed it as closely as I did.  I had a hunch that Test Track would soft open that day, but late into the night it was still but a distant figment of my imagination.  But like every good story at Walt Disney World this one has a happy ending. 

Filled with curiosity I checked one last time to see if the roaring vehicles were now willing to accept guest test dummies.  And when I turned the corner and saw out of the edge of my sight that a Cast Member was allowing guests inside, well let’s just say I was fastest man on Earth for a few hundred feet.  Inside the warehouse atmosphere was a cacophony of sound and motion that somehow still managed to resonate with me.  And by the time I had been sped through a banked turn at 65 mph my life had changed.  Sure it doesn’t rank at the highest levels of most important things to happen in my life but even something as simple as sharing a ride opening with the people you love can have an impact so great that you never quite stop living that memory.  But not just any ride can have that effect, it must in some way be transcendent.

Can Test Track still be transcendent today?  


And when Test Track soft opened on December 19, 1998 it certainly was.  The question now more than a decade later, after a considerable refurbishment and re-imagining, is simple.  Can Test Track still be transcendent today?

It is a question will we certainly answer in the coming days as we bring you photos, videos and a full review of the revamped attraction.

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Stay Tuned For More In Part 2 of this Series!