Rapunzel’s Tangled Tower Now A Part of the Fantasyland Skyline

New Fantasyland is now an official part of the Fantasyland fare but that isn’t the only new site in Magic Kingdom’s Fantasyland.  Rapunzel’s tower as seen in Disney’s animated film Tangled is now a part of the Fantasyland skyline and represents a small project with ambitious goals.  Creating a new pathway between Liberty Square and Fantasyland this build will help ease the bottleneck that has plagued this area of Fantasyland for so long.  It will also help anchor the new more richly detailed theming of Fantasyland that began with the revamp of The Many Adventure of Winnie the Pooh queue and then with New Fantasyland’s opening and will continue on with the Tangled themed walkway and restrooms.

As construction came to a crawl during the official opening week of New Fantasyland, it seemed as if all the attention was on the Tangled themed project as there was easily over a dozen construction crew members on site.  Most notably of course is that Rapunzel’s Tower is now atop the concrete pedestal we knew it would be placed upon.  But the work has progressed elsewhere as well and we are bringing you an extensive look at the construction site from nearly every angle so you get a sense for what it is like to see it for yourself.  And because this is Da Mouse we are bringing you over 80 photos in this two-part update and we can’t wait to read what you think about this latest construction progress in the comments below.

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