Lunch At Be Our Guest Restaurant Takes Theme Park Dining To Princely Status – Part 4

Close-up of Beauty and the Beast Dancing Figures

Be Our Guest restaurant is made up of  three dining halls, the infamous West Wing, The Ballroom and a completely new addition to the Beauty and Beast tale, the The Rose Gallery.  It is the latter dining hall, that is supposed to be available only for lunch that we will be featuring in this update.  It is a room that has several striking features including the centerpiece dancing wood figurines of Beauty and the Beast under a rose stained glass chandelier.  But what is striking about the room is that you will immediately feel that this is the runt of the three dining halls.  Even with the glorious tapestries depicting happy times for the Beauty and the Beast character entourage and the ornate columns and roof details, it lacks the character and charm of the other rooms and feels relatively cheap.  If you haven’t surmised already, let me be clear, this was a mistake.

It doesn’t mean one can’t sit down and have an enjoyable lunch there, to the contrary we did just that on our first visit.  But when you’ve experienced the attention to detail and feel of luxury of the other areas of Beast’s castle, walking into this room that feels a lot like a cafeteria, throws you aback for a second.  And although it passes marginally as a lunch offering, it is foolish not to have themed this room as creatively and as richly as the others.  For when dinner rolls around and seating is at capacity, it will be difficult  to have this room just sitting there.  It is certainly a correctable mistake but for as long as it stands as it does currently it will leave Be Our Guest restaurant holding a ton more potential and it boggles the mind as to why the decision was ever made to water down this area of the restaurant.  As we ponder just that, we hope you’ll enjoy our photos of the area, that while not what we would hope for is still a sight worth seeing.

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