Lunch At Be Our Guest Restaurant Takes Theme Park Dining To Princely Status – Part 5


After lunch arrives through its magical tech-filled ways and we have thoroughly enjoyed our meals we are off to see the other, much grander visions of Beast’s castle.  The Ballroom as seen in the animated film Beauty and the Beast is quite stunning and you can’t help but be drawn in by the splendor of it all.  From the angels in the clouds painted on the ceiling above and the glorious golden chandeliers right below it is a sight everyone must see when at the Magic Kingdom.  The dining tables fill the area where Belle and Beast would famously dance into each other’s hearts but it doesn’t take much imagination to remember how it felt when you first saw it on film.  But it is the Imagineering flourishes that really set this room apart.  As you gaze out the towering windows with a light dusting of snow on them, you look out onto the hills and mountains in the distance as snowflakes gently descend onto the ground below in a heart-warming projection effect.  Everything comes together to provide the grand vision you remember from the film and yet it feels pleasantly warm and cozy as you sit and enjoy your meal.  And we haven’t dared yet talk about that other room!

Ah the West Wing!  From the moment you enter the dimly lit and foreboding room, you know where you are because everything while new, feels eerily familiar.  Torn tapestries lend to a disheveled and angered look that the room bears.  You can feel the presence of the Beast and feel his pain as he suffered with finding his path after the spell was placed upon him.  And yet amongst the darkness stands an ever-present light.  A red rose, suspended by magic in the air no less with its petals falling off one by one denoting the almost inevitable fate of the Beast.  The thunder claps begin to arrive closer and closer to our location and suddenly as we look up at the portrait of the man who is now a Beast our imagination runs wild.  Did we just see that?  For a moment, did we just see the Beast’s image reflected upon the man he once was and still burns to be inside.  There is so much that can be said about the simple ambiance of these two magnificent rooms at Be Our Guest restaurant but alas dinner awaits and we’ll have so much more then.

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