Da Mouse Takes You To Top Of The World


As a lifelong fan of Disney Parks you often search for experiences that you’ve never enjoyed before.  It becomes a wonderful challenge with immense rewards usually following.  Because just when you thought you had seen it all, you see it again in a new way that makes you rethink all the wonder you had seen till that point.  Luckily I got to enjoy just that illuminating experience recently at Walt Disney World.  Thanks to good friends of Da Mouse, we were able to visit the Top of the World lounge at Bay Lake Tower and quite frankly I never wanted to ever leave.  Usually the magic of Walt Disney World is created through a complex sort of visual and technological wizardry.  Often times that magic is created by wonderful Cast Members who bring joy to the parks and their work in a way that is nearly unparalleled across the globe. But at Top of the World Lounge you sit atop a man-made space that stands high above the majestic grounds of Walt Disney World and trust me, there are no words for the first emotion you feel when you see this splendid sight.  It is Walt Disney World magic that speaks for itself, that is breathtaking in the truest form and truly is one of the most memorable experiences of my life.  For me, it was a perfect way to capture a lifetime of happy memories at Disney and encapsulate them with a vision, a dreamscape that stood before my very eyes.  It is an experience that I was lucky enough to share with a new friend thanks to their kindness and it’s my hope that I can share at least a bit of that magic with all of you here on Da Mouse with photos that capture both the amazing unedited views and even some more artistic versions that hopefully tell of the spirit of this unforgettable adventure.

Click through the images to enjoy their higher resolution versions.

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Top of the World Lounge is a one of a kind experience that everyone should try to enjoy but it is also an exclusive one.  The Lounge is only made available to Disney Vacation Club Members and their guests.  For DVC members staying at Bay Lake Tower, they can make their way to the sixteenth floor where the lounge makes its home.  Otherwise DVC members can approach the Front Desk at the Bay Lake Tower Lobby and be escorted to their destination via a nearby elevator.  The lounge is open from 5p.m. until midnight daily and guests are allowed inside on a first come first serve basis until the lounge reaches capacity, which only becomes an issue as the nightly Wishes fireworks show approaches.

 …the transcendent feature about the Top of the World Lounge is its terrace balcony and the view that can only be described as uniquely Disney.

The lounge itself is very elegant with modern touches that make for a very nice atmosphere.  From the ornate lighting to the classic monorail treatment on glass behind the bar, you can feel the luxury of the space and still it is quite welcoming and a very nice change of pace from the typical hustle of a Walt Disney World vacation.  The food and drinks are good and pricey as you’d expect but we’ll have more on that in the future because the transcendent feature about the Top of the World Lounge is its terrace balcony and the view that can only be described as uniquely Disney.

Of course the star is the Magic Kingdom that…lives as a finely tuned ecosystem of humankind’s ideals and indeed wishes.

The balcony itself is barren and in my opinion just begging for Disney to make better use of the space but once you walk up to the edge and look across the vast lands of the Walt Disney World property and beyond you forget everything for a moment.  Awe-inspiring would be a modest description of the sense one gets when seeing the land that Walt Disney himself once surveyed.  It puts things in perspective for a young fellow like me and I’m sure others will also feel something unique in that first moment.  No doubt most everyone will be moved by the sheer grandness of the vista.  Of course the star is the Magic Kingdom that when seen from this height and proximity gives a stunning perspective on this living breathing park that lives as a finely tuned ecosystem of humankind’s ideals and indeed wishes.  But as if that wasn’t enough, guests are treated to unique views of the Contemporary Resort, Spaceship Earth, Expedition Everest and more!

At night it only becomes all the more stunning.  As the Magic Kingdom glows in multi-color and Cinderella Castle shines bright with its splendor the Wishes fireworks music finds its way into the lounge and accompanying terrace for a beautiful sensory explosion of sights and sounds that takes something already indescribable to another realm.  You might say you are at the Top of the World and from that night on you sure have reason to believe that it is true.

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