Wilderness Explorers Set To Bring Interactive Game Flair To Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Wilderness Explorers at Animal Kingdom

Just four months ago we shared with you an in-depth look at the new Wilderness Explorers interactive game that was then testing at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.  Now Disney has officially announced that the UP themed interactive adventure game will indeed be joining the list of attractions at the park.  Of note, the Wilderness Explorers challenges will provide the opportunity for Wilderness Explorers-in-training to earn over 30 different badges across the various lands of Animal Kingdom.  We don’t know yet whether the badges will be of the sticker variety as it was during the testing-phase or if Disney has decided to include up-charge stitched badges as was being considered during the testing of the experience.  We all know Disney isn’t one to pass up a merchandise opportunity and this one would prove popular no doubt.  Disney expects the attraction to debut this Spring but you can get a taste for it right now…

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