Disney’s ‘Paperman’ Animated Love Story Short Film Makes YouTube Debut

Paperman Animated Short Film


Wreck-It-Ralph is easily one of the best Disney animated films in quite a while as it captured the spirit of video games while also setting upon telling of a more classic Disney story.  But even before the first scene of the full-length animated film appeared, movie-goers were treated to an animated short film that was worth far more than the price of admission.  Disney is known for their love stories but this black and white six-minute short, captures the imagination, the emotion, the character, the ups and downs of that four letter word we all seek in life.  It is a masterful piece and glorious addition to the history of Walt Disney Animation and now for the first time it is available for your HD streaming pleasure.  So get ready to fall in love with paper planes, fall in love with love and fall in love once more with Disney animation because Paperman awaits.