Da New Day at Da Mouse

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A new day for Da Mouse approaches.  From modest beginnings we have worked tirelessly to bring about a new future for fans of the Walt Disney Company and the community of people who visit and enjoy theme parks at large.  Every endeavor has its challenges and Da Mouse has faced them just the same.  But our vision for a new future based on the building blocks we created almost two years ago are almost ready to be set free.  It will be yet another modest start to a future we hope is filled with splendor.   We hope to enrich the lives of our readers with the simple fun, news and imagination that have been a hallmark of what we do here.

But a new day can turn into just a fleeting moment unless we have your support.  We cherish our community of fans, from the ultra-devoted who have done so much in so many countless ways to help us, to those who just make it a point to read our articles as soon as they are published.  Each of you has a role to play in bringing about Da Mouse’s new day.

Long before Da Mouse became even a thought in my mind, what drew me to the Walt Disney Company was the greatness embodied by Walter Elias Disney and then everyone who has truly created a vessel with their warmth, for his love and passion and dreams to carry on.  These are special people, you are special and if there is one thing that drives Da Mouse beyond all else it is that knowledge.  You deserve the best and with your help I know one day Da Mouse will be.




As our time approaches I ask you for your help.  Da Mouse needs you.  Whether it be commenting on your favorite post, or sharing it with your friends, becoming a writer on our site, or submitting photos from your trip, we can’t get where we are going without you.  At this very moment we ask for something modest.  Let’s get Da Mouse to 1,000 Twitter followers (we stand at 958 as of this writing) so our message, our voice and this site can kindle the fire, you no doubt feel, in more and more people.  Once we attain that small but meaningful goal together, Da Mouse is going to share but the first step in our future.  It will be a grand moment even if only those who read this post will truly understand its grandeur.  But soon we ask for something more.

We are always ready to listen and we need to hear from you.  What do you want to see Da Mouse become?  Be critical, be harsh, be loving or just be but either way we need you to give us your thoughts and shine the light forward as we look to blaze an incredible new path.  You can email me at raphael@older.damouse.com or leave me a comment on this post or in our forums or on any of our various social networks.  Simple Disney fun begins and ends with you and we can’t wait to hear your thoughts, ideas and passions.  They continue to drive me and everyone who partakes in Da Mouse.  I could thank you in advance but I owe it to you to show you my gratitude with an ever-increasing dedication to the work we do.  In the end the excellence we achieve here will be a reflection of you and we appreciate that more than you know.  Tomorrow is beautiful time because we are ready to capture the now.


#DaNewDay approaches,


Raphael De Varona

Editor-in-chief, Founder

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