Harrison Ford Rumored To Reprise Role as Han Solo in Disney’s ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’

Han Solo

When Disney made the unexpected news splash that they had moved to acquire Lucasfilm Ltd, including the legendary STAR WARS franchise we expected them to go “all in” with their considerable resources and marketing power in order to turn one of the most popular franchises in history into a money-making machine for the Walt Disney Company.  But for fans of the franchise and the classic films the biggest announcement came when Disney CEO Bog Iger announced Disney would create Star Wars: Episode VII, VIII and IX!  Since then the flood of speculation, rumors and even mega-announcements and confirmations have thrilled and excited a long time fan base that while not dormant hadn’t had anything on this magnitude to be excited for in years.  And now the latest head turning reveal may have just leaked out.  Harrison Ford may be returning to reprise his role as Han Solo in Star Wars: Episode VII!

The report comes from Latino Review, a latin pop culture site that also is known for breaking a movie scoop or two and if true represents so many wonderful opportunities and undoubtedly creates even more exciting questions about what lies ahead.  Could we be seeing the beginnings of a cast reunion?  Although every rumor has to be taken with a grain of salt until confirmed there are several things working in its favor.  Chief among them is that Harrison Ford already reprised another famous role from early in his career when he returned to the big screen as Indiana Jones in 2008.  So let’s hear it Star Wars aficionados, what do you think about this latest potential development?


Source:  Latino Review

A special thanks to a good friend of Da Mouse, JC Perez Jr., who informed us about this report.