‘The Avengers’ Finale is Quite the Technological Marvel

Avengers Movie Special Effects Finale

Movie blockbusters and their ever increasingly dramatic displays of action sequences in the middle of the most populated urban centers, namely Manhattan, NY have made technological wizardry an absolute necessity in movie production.  But even in a world where movie-goers are subdued by evermore impressive spectacles of movie magic, it is difficult sometimes just to comprehend the sheer amount of detailed work and expertise that goes into making a movie like Disney and Marvel’s “The Avengers.”  After all, could you have imagined that nearly all of the brilliant final sequences of The Avengers were shot in a New Mexico studio, Hulk green screen playground?  We didn’t either and we know this video showing the work of another Disney acquisition, Industrial Light and Magic is sure to leave you with a new profound sense of appreciation for all the CGI (computer generated imagery) that thrusts your favorite super heroes into believable worlds.



Via:  Engadget

Source:  ILM Youtube Channel