The Da Mouse app now available for Android! iOS App Launching Soon.

Da Mouse App Android

Today we are extremely excited to announce the launch of the Da Mouse app!  Our latest endeavor takes a lot of what you know and love about Da Mouse and puts it into a new native app experience for Android and iOS.  Best of all, you can take the Android flavored version of the app for a spin today by downloading it from the Google Play Store right now!  Don’t worry iOS users the Da Mouse app should be approved within a week or two and we’ll let you know as soon as we are in the Apple App Store.  Though you should skip the rest of this post for now and get downloading, past the jump we’ll fill you in on some of the Da Mouse app features.

The Da Mouse app has many of the features you would come to expect including a news feed with all our latest articles.  You’ll also find a section featuring our YouTube Channel, another showcasing some of our latest photos from Instagram and yet another will take you to the Da Mouse Podcast in-app player (rumors are that the Da Mouse Podcast returns next week).  But what no doubt many will find to be the stand out feature of the app in this first iteration is the Fan Wall.  In the Da Mouse app Fan Wall, users will be able to leave posts and reply to others much like you would in a forum and best of all you will be able to share photos right from your phone.  So whether you are enjoying your favorite attraction at the parks or just sitting by your favorite Disney collection at home you’ll be able to share it with other Disney and Da Mouse fans across the globe.

Another major aspect of the app is the points and badges system that will reward users with points for posting comments, pictures and otherwise interacting with the app.  There is even a listing of the top users of the app, where you can track who is on the Da Mouse app leaderboard.  It should provide for some simple fun and it will be enhanced soon when we announce the official badges and rewards that might be attached to them!

The app represents just our first push into mobile and it still has many areas we know that need improvement but we think you will appreciate our first effort and begin to understand why we think this is indeed the beginning of #DaNewDay at Da Mouse.  The app provides us with yet another platform to better communicate and deepen our relationship with you.  We hope to provide you with information in new and creative ways through the app including with breaking news app notifications but also give you a tool that is always with you for you to express your passion for the Walt Disney Company and of course what we are building with Da Mouse.  So once again we invite you to download if you are on Android, to anticipate if you are on iOS and hey if you are on other mobile devices, you need not despair we have a web app coming to a screen near you soon as well.  Welcome to Da Future.

Scan the QR code below…

Da Mouse App Android QR Code

…or click the button below…

Da Mouse app for Android

…and enjoy!

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