Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Begins Limited Testing of Interactive Queue – Part 2


Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is an adored attraction by Disney fans the world over but for as amazing as the theming of the entrance and ride itself are, the main areas of the queue were as barren as a gold rush town in present day.  And for most Disney fans they didn’t notice its absence because the mountain itself with its careening mine train and geysers were enough to kindle their Disney spirits as they made their way towards their own wild adventure.  But if there is one thing most will agree on soon enough, is that they are glad that the barren queue of yesteryear is a relic of the past better served for history books than the modern-day theme park.  From beginning to end, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad now tells a story at a level to which all Disney Park attractions aim for but few can achieve with such sheer excellence.  The interactive queue additions, which our sources tell us more of which are expected to come online by the end of the week, bring a Tower of Terror level theming quality to the, “wildest ride in the wilderness.”  That is high-esteem and difficult for me to say considering how much we appreciate and honor the work of Tower of Terror and it is why we are so glad to see something that even reminds us of that level of Disney inspiration, execution and flat-out brilliance.  To execute this vision on an existing attraction and still have it feel as if it always has been there and should have been there, leaves this as a project that Walt Disney Company should not only pride itself on but study greatly for future enhancement projects.  We are seeing classic attractions refreshed for a modern-day but this feels like more than that, they have literally and figuratively added the “Thunder” in Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

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