Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Begins Limited Testing of Interactive Queue – Part 3


If you’ve been keeping up with this special Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Interactive Queue series, you no doubt have seen that we’ve thrown quite a bit of praise onto these latest enhancements to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.  And while some will still wonder why this didn’t appear back when Big Thunder Mountain Railroad opened after refurbishment, few will question the effort and execution of what has transformed Big Thunder Mountain’s queue from a barren wood maze to an exciting, story-building, mood-setting, fun queue.  There is so much to see, from new lighting (we especially love the red lamps), to boxes filled with Lytum & Hyde explosives a witty, if too obvious play on words.  As you walk past a new gold-filled safe, property of the Big Thunder Mining Company, you will hear your first thunderous rumbles and claps that let you know that this mountain and these mines aren’t as gentle as their red rolling rocks might appear.  As we make our way past humorous signs and props we come upon pressure gauges and TNT plungers that as soon as the end of this week might allow us to “blast” out chunks of rock, using water to simulate the real explosive scenery that active mine shafts like those at Big Thunder Mountain have made infamous.  But of course there is still more to explore, even a canary or two or four.  So enjoy this post and hurry on back because part 4 of this series makes sure we all keep steaming along on Disney’s latest interactive queue track.

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Part 4 of this Series