Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Begins Limited Testing of Interactive Queue


Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is more than just an attraction at Walt Disney World and Disney Parks.  It is an icon in of itself, it is a treasure for millions of people who have shared in the joys and family fun it delivers.  It is a source of pride for those cast members who make it shine every day and for the Walt Disney Company and Walt Disney Imagineering it is a jewel worth more than the gold that can be found in all of the Big Thunder Mountain Mines across the globe.  Because of the latter and because it means so much to so many people it is only fitting that Big Thunder Mountain Railroad has begun testing of a new interactive queue and soon on-ride effects that will enhance the classic ride and take what is already an extremely popular and timeless attraction and give it that infusion of Disney storytelling magic and technological mastery that it deserves.  This is yet another grand example of what makes the Walt Disney Company so special.  A ride enhancement becomes so much more because the honor in the work stems from the ones who imagined it, to those who built it, to those that carry it forward everyday and even to the passion of those who find every unique and wonderful thing about it just as a fan.  We are lucky to share in it together and at Da Mouse we are more than elated to be able to share a 4-post featured preview of Big Thunder’s Grand Thunderous Awakening.

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See the AutoCanary in action at Big Thunder!

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