Rainforest Cafe at Downtown Disney Gets March 2013 Construction Completion Date


It won’t be long now before we see Volcanic eruptions at Downtown Disney like we’ve never seen before.  Rainforest Cafe representatives we spoke to informed us that the Rainforest Cafe renovation and the new Lava Lounge project are scheduled for a construction completion date of March 28, 2013.  That means barring any further unforeseen delays, guests will be able to enjoy the new special menu creations at Lava Lounge with a compelling atmosphere including the surrounding “lava” flows.  As the new Rainforest Cafe signs make their way onto the new iconic volcano, the all new Lava Lounge sign has also made its debut!  And if you are wondering just how far along everything is, we’ve got a good sense of that from our conversations as well.  Not only can we confirm that this version of the Rainforest Cafe Volcano features the explosive eruptions found at the newer Rainforest Cafe locations around the globe but we can tell you the propane tanks necessary to make all the necessary fire effects work are already installed and ready to be put into operation.  The new changes are really coming together now and we can’t wait to see what’s in store at Lava Lounge but best of all we are working on another story about this Rainforest Cafe Downtown Disney location that you won’t want to miss.  So stay tuned to Da Mouse and enjoy the beautiful Rainforest Cafe renovation scenery below.