Tangled Themed Walkway and Restrooms are a Hair Away From Opening


New Fantasyland has sort of made its way into the end cap of  “classic” Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom, in one of the nicest placemaking Imagineering projects that happens to also come equipped with Tangled themed restrooms.  And while it seems that this construction project has taken a relative eternity to complete, you can’t besmirch the work that has gone on here to create an immersive environment that is ultimately functional but surely an aesthetic wonderland.  It has many of the elements this area of the Magic Kingdom is missing, including well, trees and the bright and warm pastels bounce beautifully off the Florida blue sky and help turn a classic area of the Magic Kingdom into a revitalized space.  This isn’t the opening of a new ride to be sure but as we have alluded to before, it is no less worthy of a project in a park that is finally receiving most of the attention (can Imagineering please fix Tomorrowland, again) it deserves.

Stay Tuned for Part 2 of this Series.