Tangled Themed Walkway and Restrooms are a Hair Away From Opening – Part 2


Although the Tangled themed walkway and restrooms are not as glamorous as other rumored projects (hello Cars Land), you can just hear the buzz around this Fantasyland area as people pointed out the relatively new Tower to the rest of their entourage while walking past.  Surely some may think more is behind the wall than will eventually be there but the reason for many to look at the area with wonder is the sheer beauty of it, amongst its surroundings.  It is a standout in theming even as Disney continues to modify the surrounding areas steadily towards a new more detailed Fantasyland aesthetic that brings some of that New Fantasyland flair to the classic areas of Fantasyland.  It is a work in progress to be sure but it will be an exciting time when these construction walls come down because for the first time in a long time this area of Fantasyland will have a visual endpoint worthy of this crucial area of the Magic Kingdom.

There are many things to make note of in the construction photos.  Not only do we see the obvious bathroom signs in place but we find other interesting details to which are somewhat of a surprise to us.  The area has been described to us to be a general rest area and as such there are “wooden” benches and a nearby area with a couple of tables.  Although tables are usually placed nearby food areas, I don’t think that is necessarily what Disney has in mind here.  At Disneyland one of the things that stood out to me is just how many neat areas there are to sit and relax and just take a breather from your vacation and take in the amazing Disney park world your are within.  Walt Disney World has these as well but for the amount of visitors WDW gets you’d think there would be more.  The new “bridge” leading into Liberty Square will surely have a small water feature beside it and under and it should be a nice visual break between the lands.  Surely this Tangled themed area is not exactly Radiator Springs Racers but it blends practicality and beauty in a nice simple way that makes us yearn for the moment the construction walls are a thing of the past.