March 2013 Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Construction Update Shows Off New Fantasyland’s Roller Coaster – Part 2


For too long taking a peek at the construction of New Fantasyland required some not so fancy improvisations including riding Dumbo the Flying Elephant at its classic locale in order to soar above the nearby construction site.  Thankfully as most of New Fantasyland was peeled out from behind construction walls, so too were windows onto the construction world of the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train attraction installed at a couple of locations.  This gives guests a grand view of the construction and doesn’t “ruin the magic,” something that I believe the Walt Disney Company tends to overthink when it comes to their attraction construction sites that while providing a thematic eyesore are a great marketing tool and just a point of sheer anticipation and excitement for hardcore Disney fans and casual fans alike.  It is a scene now at the Magic Kingdom worth devoting a few minutes to both peering into the rolling concrete hills and steel coaster track for yourself and also to watch the reactions from afar of those seeing the sight for the first time.  We are all sharing in this construction site together much like watching the same moon rise over us every night.  Though our perspectives shape our minds differently on exactly what we see, what we see is important in a unique way to each of us.  At Da Mouse we hope this series brings out the best of the latter experience and we can’t wait to hear what you think about this construction site and what you think about the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.

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