March 2013 Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Construction Update Shows Off New Fantasyland’s Roller Coaster


Walking into New Fantasyland is an amazing experience at the Magic Kingdom.  Greeted by towering castle spires and walls you know you are entering a whole new world of Disney that is not much like the one you are leaving, (something Disney is slowly working on).  Amidst the French countryside where Maurice’s cottage is found, the imposing rocky mountaintop where Beast’s Castle resides and the seaside retreat where Prince Eric’s Castle lies, protrudes a mammoth sight of steel, concrete and of simple roller coaster fun.  But of course the latter monumental sight sits behind construction walls that contain an active work site with a completion date just about a year away.  So it leaves us anxiously waiting for the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train to join its rightful place in the circle of New Fantasyland life.  It makes us wonder just how amazing the banked turns will be on the first swinging coaster of its kind.  But as we yearn to experience New Fantasyland the way it should be experienced, completed from end to end, Da Mouse is bringing you another sort of experience.

Since the beginning of New Fantasyland we have brought gargantuan and yet finely detailed construction updates because the excitement for us begins long before we ever get to board a finished attraction.  Though the waiting is difficult on everyone including us, we can’t help but want to share the joy we feel when visiting the construction site and seeing all the progress on the journey to a new magic-filled Disney adventure.  It is why we don’t just pay a glancing homage to the work being done, it is why even 200+ photos and an 8 post update will only feel like scratching the surface to us.  This is a special site for Disney fans and fans of theme parks wherever you are around the globe and so we ask you to join us for a construction update adventure as gargantuan as the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train roller coaster itself.