Downtown Disney’s Rainforest Cafe To Get Updated Interior After Completion of Lava Lounge Renovations

With the expected and long-awaited announcement of a new concept for Downtown Disney (rumored to be called “Disney Springs”) in the immediate horizon, we have a small bit of exciting if not totally predictable news to share about Rainforest Cafe at Downtown Disney’s Marketplace.  On our last visit to the Rainforest Cafe and Lava Lounge construction site we spoke with a Rainforest Cafe representative who shared with us plans to renovate the interior theming of the main Rainforest Cafe areas once the exterior renovations and the Lava Lounge project are completed.  As one of the pioneers of extensively themed restaurants, Landry’s Rainforest Cafe at Downtown Disney is beginning to show its age, especially in comparison to Landry’s newest addition to the Downtown Disney restaurant roster, T-Rex Cafe.  

…Landry’s can’t let their Volcano hidden Rainforest oasis lie dormant…

While details were vague at this point, the excitement for the possibilities were clear and a point of emphasis was redoing all of the interior canopy theming.  Of course with the Lava Lounge having been delayed some and Disney Springs potentially coming to bear there is no telling as to whether the timeline for this project will indeed be expedited.  Still we’d be excited to see what Rainforest Cafe would look like if it were spruced up and it has to be rather obvious for Landry’s that they can’t let their Volcano hidden Rainforest oasis lie dormant for too long.