Spice Road Table To Add Waterfront Dining to Epcot’s Morocco Pavilion

Disney foodies are going to have another waterfront spot at the World Showcase at Epcot to whet their appetites by the end of this year.  That is when Spice Road Table is expected to open its doors to Epcot guests and serve up a menu that will include several “small plates and refreshments” that draw their inspiration from the Mediterranean region’s cuisine.  The restaurant will feature indoor and outdoor seating and appears to follow in the successful footsteps of La Cava del Tequila, La Cantina de San Angel and of course Tutto Gustoeach of which provides unique flavors, decor or simply grand views of the World Showcase Lagoon.  Though we have little more than the name of the restaurant and previous Epcot restaurant openings to glean for clues about this new dining spot, we were excited to walk by the construction site and see the substantial progress that already has taken place.


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The small shop and stage nearest the World Showcase Lagoon have already been cleared out to make way for the new restaurant.  A new temporary stage has been set up near the construction walls for the Mo’Rockin stage show performances.  Even though the stage is temporary we have to scold Disney a bit here, because they could do better.  The stage feels extremely cheap and out-of-place and doesn’t belong within the heavily themed World Showcase.  We know a bit more money and attention could go a long way here to improve what they have placed on site now.  Despite the latter minor grievance, we are excited about the overall project and Spice Road table as it will undoubtedly shore up one of Epcot’s strengths, – variety.  If it does that while adding some new, wonderful views and flavors to boot, Spice Road Table will provide one of Epcot’s most beautiful Pavilions a new draw that will be very popular with Epcot visitors.

Are you excited for Epcot’s Spice Road Table?  

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