Rainforest Cafe’s Revamped Volcano Sends Lava Lounge Project Into More Delays

Another day, another challenge it seems for the Rainforest Cafe’s Volcano revamp and Lava Lounge project.  The latest one hurts a bit, even if it’s part of the usual construction and inspection process.  For we’ve been expecting launch dates (dating back to late last year) and had even seen what was a fully painted and seemingly finished volcano looking quite stunning and a Lava Lounge that was only covered up by protective awnings that shield the new lounge area from the elements.  But those visiting the restaurant in recent days will look up to see the same beautiful new volcano with tons of patchwork and “fix-me” pink spray painted markings.  Needless to say it was a bit disappointing to see the setback, though it was exciting to see a bit more of the Lava Lounge area exposed.

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Uh Oh!

This can’t be good.



There isn’t a whole lot to garner from what can be seen nearby the Lava Lounge, though our cameras did capture a few interesting details.  For one there appears to be an animatronic monkey hanging above on the far side of the lounge which would be inline with the fabric of Rainforest Cafe.  You can see the bright red-orange lava flow bar top and the all new chairs and tables nearby.  And in one final note of interest, the Lava Lounge seems to connect to the Rainforest Cafe entrance through a volcanic cavern.  Of course there is surely more to be seen once the drinks start flowing and the Lava Lounge officially opens to the public.  Still it seems pretty clear that one of the major draws of this new hangout will be its waterfront vista.  We are working on getting more information on this story and we will update it as soon as possible.  Till then please enjoy our latest collection of Rainforest Cafe and Lava Lounge construction and renovation photos.

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Soon* everything will be as smooth as lava flow.




*Soon is a timeframe

subject to change

to maybe soon,

quite possibly soon,

or perhaps before next year.



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