Starbucks Theming Arrives at the Magic Kingdom as it Nears Completion

With Starbucks bringing its caffeine-filled flair to the Magic Kingdom’s Main Street U.S.A. later this summer and shortly thereafter to Epcot’s Future World, it isn’t surprising to see that their branding has already made its way into, “The Most Magical Place On Earth.”  Main Street U.S.A. is the home of the ever-popular Main Street Bakery where Starbucks coffee and line of food products will reside.  For now fans of Starbucks are treated to foreshadowing clues of the roasted coffee to come in the form of marquees, window decals and an overall facade refurbishment that heralds things to come.  So go grab yourself a cup of joe and come back to enjoy our photo tour of the new look while daydreaming what it might be like to finally be able to drink coffee nearly as magical as the park in which it resides.

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Coffee nearly as magical

as the park in which it resides.




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