Starbucks Coffee Now at the Magic Kingdom as the Main Street Bakery Reopens Today

From a single store in Seattle’s Pike Place Market to Main Street USA, Starbucks has come a long way to now being featured at the Magic Kingdom’s Main Street Bakery.  But of course Starbucks isn’t just a single feel good story any longer with over 18,000 stores worldwide it has become synonymous with premium coffee and perhaps a few other less kind stigmas that come along with a chain of this scope and scale.  The latter evidenced by some of the most hardcore Disney fans who often are reluctant to change and are afraid of what would happen to their cherished Main Street Bakery once it reopened from its transformation.  Some of those fans will surely not be happy with what the end result is but the far larger majority of fans and everyday Disney guests will be more than pleased.  They will know that not only is Starbucks now being served at the Magic Kingdom but that the Main Street Bakery has become a far more usable space, capable of handling the incredible demand thrust upon it during the morning breakfast-time rush.

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Of course there has to be an exception to every rule and though the Main Street Bakery’s transformation is a much-needed one there are a couple of things we are sad to see go.  For one, seating is no longer available inside the bakery and instead guests are being directed to look for tables further on the northern edges of Main Street USA.  And although this change will cause some inconvenience, the extra space freed up is being used to mirror the bakeshop and double its capacity to take orders which should help to thwart the needlessly long lines in the bakery’s former iteration.  Also gone are some of the theming flourishes that made the former bakeshop have a cozy (if a bit cramped) feel and created a nice sense of nostalgia that is always present throughout Main Street USA.  To Disney’s credit they have inserted a back story and placed elements throughout the edges of the new Main Street Bakery to help tie it all in, though we do feel that overall the location does seem a bit too barren now (although once its packed with guests the ambiance of the space will naturally be different).  Of course there is a lot to love about the renovated bakeshop as well.

Starbucks has been seamlessly integrated in a non-overbearing manner that does fit within what Disney is trying to do with the space.  You can order from Starbucks’ full and extensive drink menu as well pick up one of four hot breakfast sandwiches.  There are other Starbucks’ bites to eat including a slice of Banana Walnut Loaf Bread but if you are searching for your patented cinnamon rolls you are going to have to walk a little bit further to Gaston’s Tavern.  The Main Street Bakery though a little bare for our tastes, is quite elegant in its simplicity and features an open layout that further helps make this space feel all the more grand.  Overall we are excited by the new changes and think its a positive step for the Magic Kingdom and its guests but of course we want to hear what you have to say, so let your voice be heard either way in the comments below.  We will have more coverage of the opening of Starbucks but until then please enjoy the wonderful preview photos below.

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