Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Construction Shows Off New Completed Sections

We’ve got yet another grand photo update from New Fantasyland’s final remaining construction site, the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train but before we proceed we have a bit of an announcement to make.  At Da Mouse we have delivered incredible New Fantasyland updates (some spanning over 500 images) and garnered the attention of the hardcore Disney fan community at large.  Still we’ve always felt we could do more and today we are announcing just that.  This post right here marks the introduction of weekly New Fantasyland updates on Da and on the Da Mouse app for Android and iOS.  It means more of what you love in the Simple Disney Fun fashion we are continually building upon.  We recently moved near the doorstep of Walt Disney World and steadily will move you closer to the magic as well with ever-increasing coverage, more timely updates and new ways to experience the news and more from the house of the mouse.  So thank you, for every comment, retweet, thank you note and other personal flourishes that drive us each and every day.  Now onto the mine!

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It may be that 2014 is an afterthought for most as summertime gets into full swing and even for Disney fans it’s easy to be distracted with the exciting announcements expected to roll in at the D23 Expo later this year.  But of course the project continues forth on its usual pace though visually it appears as if the construction pace is picking up.  The reason for the latter is that one side of the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train (the side closest to Under the Sea ~ Journey of the Little Mermaid) is quickly nearing its final state with fully painted buildings, rock-work and other theming.  It makes for an exciting time, even if what has been revealed from behind the construction walls so far is non other than an area being used for stroller parking!  And if what we heard last from Disney Imagineering holds, what is yet to be revealed on this same side of the mine is a Disney Vacation Club (DVC) sales location, which won’t exactly get the Disney fan community excited.  But we did say we are excited so we’ll let you know what it is that caught the Da Mouse eye on our latest whistling whirl around the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train construction site.

Now that the track has been completed, theming elements have begun to spring up around the track’s bends and curves which really highlight the edges and tell of the fun and swerving ride we can be sure to expect.  It is also just an impressive sight and one worth seeing in person, as dozens of construction crew members work to mold steel, pour concrete and even paint shading onto nearly finished rock-work.  It’s all happening right now at the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train construction site in New Fantasyland and of course we’ve brought along some photos to share with you.  Enjoy.