Starbucks at Fountain View Now Open in Epcot

Starbucks today joins the ranks of Epcot’s Fountain View and marks its foray into Future World while establishing its second retail presence at Walt Disney World theme parks.  This new Starbucks locale shares most of the same traits as its sister location at the Main Street Bakery within the Magic Kingdom, with one major exception.  Starbucks at Epcot does not blend in with its surroundings because frankly this central fairway of Future World is quite bland to begin with and filled with gaudy signs from Innoventions to the Club Cool Station presented by Coca Cola.  What we’ve seen of the exterior of the new Starbucks location is a very nice refurbishment of the Fountain View to be sure but certainly far from remarkable, a feeling that is becoming all the more common throughout Epcot’s Future World.  And the Starbucks branding that fades into the background of a heavily themed Main Street USA at the Magic Kingdom, is more than just prevalent at Epcot.  Instead this feels like a Starbucks from the moment you look at its coffee cream-colored exterior paint and the massive Starbucks Logo that demands as much attention if not more than even the Electric Umbrella sign despite the relative size being greater on the latter.  For the average guest that might not mean much as they, like I will be more than happy to have the convenience of  being able to enjoy a familiar, quality cup of coffee at yet another Disney Park.  But make no mistake about it, even this small refurbishment is yelling at Epcot’s management team for a much grander vision for the park’s main area that now seems relegated to a life of decay and half-baked remakes.  Still, there are some small slivers of hope.  For one the dark gray paint scheme used and even the Fountain View marquee do display a somewhat futuristic aura that actually stands out from the drab of this area of Epcot.  We hope this is but just a small push into a new direction and vision of Future World as a truly modern area that lives on the cutting edge and beyond.  Today we will take our first look inside the new location and we hope to find more positive signs because definitely the one outside is good for Disney’s green but not for Epcot’s theme.