Downtown Disney On Long Road to Transformation Into Disney Springs

After years of neglect and frankly mismanagement Downtown Disney has new hope in the form of Disney Springs.  As Disney Springs takes root in what will be formerly known as Downtown Disney, guests will see an enhanced version of their favorite Disney retail area at the Walt Disney World Resort.  It is set to include massive improvements, from multi-level parking garages to alleviate the parking issues of old, to the inclusion of upscale shopping options that will help Disney Springs better compete with the higher end malls of the area, namely The Mall at Millenia.  For now, Disney Springs is but an eyesore and parking inconvenience as construction crews begin work on much of the area that once was Pleasure Island. The closed off parking is necessitated  as plans get set into motion that will see what is now Downtown Disney receive an all new entrance and generous expansion with new shops, restaurants and entertainment offerings.  We have our qualms about the renaming of Downtown Disney into Disney Springs amongst a few other things but overall we can’t be more excited to see Disney finally move to repair and replace the now distant memory of Pleasure Island and hopefully repair the image and reach the potential that Downtown Disney and soon Disney Springs merit.  As the construction moves forward throughout the next few years, as phased openings begin and as the eventual completion date approaches, Da Mouse will be there every step of the way to provide you with nearly endless coverage.  We begin with a three-part construction update series this week and we can’t wait to see what’s in store in the days to come.

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