Downtown Disney On Long Road to Transformation Into Disney Springs – Part 2

Downtown Disney is marching on its way to become Disney Springs and you can’t help but notice the latter as you walk through the construction walls surrounding the remnants of Pleasure Island or try to find a parking spot around the now sectioned off areas littered with heavy machinery.  Signs of demolition are everywhere, but construction is also underway including the creation of a bypass, waterside bridge that feeds around the back of what once was Pleasure Island.  For now most of Downtown Disney’s West Side remains untouched, save for the nearby parking area closures and new paint scheme for Disney Quest.  When Downtown Disney becomes Disney Springs, the West Side is only scheduled to receive minor enhancements and thematic overlay touches and we still wonder whether that will have made the cut three years from now.  Still even as Disney Springs remains but a rising dream at this point, we can’t help but to be excited for things to come.

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