Downtown Disney On Long Road to Transformation Into Disney Springs – Part 3

It is one thing to see the model of Disney Springs and think about how massive the project is, it is entirely a different scope when you walk the entirety of the current construction footprint.  Though we advise leaving the latter to us unless you are looking for a good bit of exercise, it does put into perspective just some of the gargantuan undertakings the Walt Disney Company endeavors to accomplish.  And though building a world-class mall and entertainment area isn’t the most difficult challenge on the Walt Disney Company’s plate (though past experiences might suggest the challenge is greater than one might think), there is no doubt pressure to create something unforgettable for the millions of people from around the world that will descend upon the Downtown Disney of the future.  Disney Springs may not seem like much now and how could it be more than just a ball of potential.  But if Disney realizes it, the results will be exponential for this part of the property and perhaps lead the way in showing how important renovations can be in an aging Walt Disney World Resort that is going to need several of them in the years ahead.