Watch This: Preview Tonight’s Episode of Marvel’s Agents of Shield on ABC

Marvel’s Agents of Shield couldn’t be of more importance for ABC’s fall lineup and with a strong debut that now tallies at roughly more than 20 million people, Marvel magic may indeed be at work.  Tonight’s episode promises to have a surprise at the very end of the credits in Marvel fashion so you might want to set the DVR to record an extra minute or two just to be on the safe side.  The show is exciting, looks promising and should be a hit amongst Marvel fans and as word-of-mouth spreads the rest of the binge television episode watchers out there will no doubt be pulled into it.  As for us, we’ll be locked in to see if Coulson’s backstory continues to be further developed and we find out a little more about the mysterious happenings around his “near” death experience back in that blockbuster Avengers movie you might recall.


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