Seven Dwarfs Mine Train October Construction Update Series

It seems like just yesterday we were providing you with more beautiful photos of an ever-expanding Seven Dwarfs Mine Train construction site but being the detail-oriented, got-to-have the latest and greatest sort that we are, we are back with a 4-part series with over 90 photos of the great mining seven!  And though the progress is incremental, we think you’ll gladly be surprised by how much has moved since our last update.  Every corner of the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train has seen work.  Whether it be the closing off of the southern side of the mines with steel and rapidly encroaching concrete boulders or similar rock-work rising around the easternmost side of the of the mine train track giving off a better sense of the scale of the ride we soon will be coasting on.  Of course we know you will find even more small details that have been added when you examine our photos and we’d love for you to leave a comment and let us know what you find.


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