I have a feeling we are not in Camp Minnie-Mickey anymore!

New AVATAR Land Concept Art Shows Off Incredible New World Coming to Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Disney’s Animal Kingdom is a wondrous experience set within the realms of nature ranging from the real and tangible to the mysterious and mythical.  In many ways as a themed experience it created some of the best that the Walt Disney Company can deliver in a theme park setting.  But with all the amazing attention to detail as seen in the parks’ icon, the Tree of Life or in the breathtaking animal encounters in Kilimanjaro Safaris, Animal Kingdom is a screaming dichotomy between the amazing potential of what is and what could be and the sad reality of the self-inflicted adversity it has faced to become a theme park worthy of guests’ full day’s worth of attention.  So it is only fitting that today Disney continues to unveil what they believe will reshape Animal Kingdom’s legacy for the better, on a plot of land once destined to be one of the hallmark lands of the Animal Kingdom before it was axed, never to have its chance at a day of glory.  Now from the ashes of the plentiful ideas that were Beastly Kingdom and the soon to be departed Camp Minnie-Mickey, rises a Banshee-filled world inspired and Disney hopes propelled by the highest grossing film of all time, AVATAR.



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The James Cameron world of Pandora is set to jump from the screens of cinemas across the globe and onto the lives of Animal Kingdom visitors in 2017 alongside a trio of sequels and four novels that will expand the tale of Avatar.  The first of these new films is set for release in December of 2016 with the next two following thereafter in December 2017 and 2018, accompanying the all new Animal Kingdom expansion, the largest in the park’s relatively nascent history.  And with the success of a major branded expansion at Disney California Adventure in the form of Cars Land, the question that intrinsically arises is can Disney repeat their Imagineering magic and create a timeless storytelling adventure that will drive visitors to arrive from around the world to experience it?  We stand much closer to that answer than we did just a few hours ago and if you join us today and in the years to come here at Da Mouse we will begin to answer just that question.



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