This Africa expansion is going to add a lot more to this area than just a very good broadway inspired theme park show.

Festival of the Lion King Relocation Construction In Full Roar, Camp Minnie-Mickey Prepares for 2014 Closing

With an AVATAR inspired land becoming less of a figment of imagination and more a reality each day, it is only fitting that we are now taking a look at the rather sizable construction site for what will be the new home of the Festival of the Lion King in Disney’s Animal Kingdom’s Africa when it relocates to make way for the Na’vi.  The Festival of the Lion King has been one of the hallmark attractions of Disney’s Animal Kingdom and remains popular with guests.  It has transitioned from being housed in an open air theater to a closed, fully air-conditioned space and now it is moving to an all-new theater with a similar design but new facade that will help it blend in with its new African home.  It will instantly help round out Africa’s offerings at Animal Kingdom and should provide a visual cue for guests glancing at Africa from Afar.  Construction has progressed substantially since the construction walls first arose not that long ago.  Camp Minnie-Mickey is scheduled to close in 2014 and at that time we should see a smooth transition for the Festival of the Lion King into the new locale.  The impact of these changes are hard to quantify by themselves but together when 2017 rolls around it will seem as if suddenly Animal Kingdom has transformed itself into quite the complete offering for guests planning a vacation to the Walt Disney World Resort.  We will keep you posted on the progress of this site and of course everything tied to the impending rise of AVATAR at Animal Kingdom.