Hallelujah Mountains indeed!

Watch This: James Cameron and Joe Rohde Show Creative Planning for AVATAR at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Avatar is coming to Disney’s Animal Kingdom and if James Cameron and Joe Rhode succeed with their vision it seems as if Avatar at Disney’s Animal Kingdom will be an experience unlike any other across the globe.  We’ve already seen concept art and more showing the recreated world of Pandora and all its fantastic qualities but if there is anything that gets me excited about this project, it is when Joe Rhode talks about all the incredible new technologies being devised to bring this fantasy world to life.  True innovation has been at the heart of the Walt Disney Company’s success since its founding and we can’t wait to hear more about what’s to come.  There is so much to analyze in just this video alone and of course the concept art shown over the weekend and we will in the coming days but for now enough from me, it is time for you to watch this clip and hear the passion and creativity for the land of Avatar at Animal Kingdom from two incredible and unique minds.